Cuttack ODI tickets to have bar codes

BHUBANESWAR, Aug 29, 2013 (Team OCA): 

Match tickets for the fifth ODI between India and Australia, scheduled to be held at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack on October 26, will have bar codes for the first time along with unique holograms and other security features. This was announced by host Odisha Cricket Association (OCA) secretary Asirbad Behera at a media conference here today. Police Commissioner R P Sharma, Bhubaneswar DCP Nitinjeet Singh, Cuttack DCP Praveen Kumar and other police officers were present on the occasion.
According to the OCA secretary, spectators will be ushered in through a three-tier ticket screening system that would include hand-held PDA bar-code scanners and UV light systems for validating other security features. The decision to introduce bar code has been taken to eliminate the menace of forged tickets and prevent the chaotic situation.
BCCI has booked more than 80 rooms in Hotel May Fair Lagoon here for accommodation of both the Teams, Match Referee, Board officials and others. Soubhagya Mohapatra, vice-president, Hotel Mayfair Lagoon will look after the accommodation arrangement of the players and officials as the authorized person of OCA. As expected, both the teams will be arriving at Bhubaneswar on October 24 and have their net practice session next day at Barabati Stadium. OCA has made arrangement for two A/C coaches for transportation of both the teams.
Seating arrangements on the match day for Odisha Governor, Chief Justice, Chief Minister and other Ministers, Chief Secretary, DG of Police, Commissioner of Police, along with BCCI and other State dignitaries will be made at BCCI Box, and the Judges will be accommodated at the VIP Box and OCA members in Old Pavilion. Media persons will be accommodated at the Press Box on the match day.
The present seating capacity of Barabati Stadium is about 45,000. OCA has decided to print 44,455 tickets. The total number of tickets to be sold is 32, 990, out of which 20,350 will be available for public and 12,640 tickets will be reserved for BCCI sponsors, members, affiliated units of OCA and OOA, staff, advertisers and affiliated State units of BCCI. Those tickets unsold for the reserved categories shall be made available for public sale. The cost of tickets for Pavilion, Corporate Box, Corporate Gallery and AC Box will include complimentary snacks and dinner.

1. Gallery No. 1, 2, 3 and 4  ...   Rs 500 each.
2. Gallery No. 6 and 7  ...  Rs 400 each.
3. Players` concession (Gallery No 6)   ...   Rs 200 each.
4. Special Enclosure    ...   Rs 2,000 each.
5. New Pavilion (With complimentary snacks and dinner)    ...  Rs 4,000 each.
6. Corporate Box (With complimentary snacks and dinner)    ...  Rs 10,000 each.
7. Corporate Gallery (With complimentary snacks and dinner)    ...  Rs 3,000 each.
8. A/C Box – Gallery No 4 (With complimentary snacks and dinner)    ...  Rs 5,000 each.

About 3,000 duty passes would be provided to the persons and service providers assigned in different duties for the smooth and successful conduct of the ODI. Further, 500 vehicle passes (four-wheelers and two-wheelers) would also to be provided for the dignitaries, invitees, match officials and persons on duty for easy access to the venue.
For safety measures tickets will be printed outside the state with inclusion of hologram, bar code and other security features. For validation of the tickets on the match day, OCA has entrusted a reputed and experienced firm. There will be 90 ticket validators for outer gates, 90 `May I Help You` manpower for ushering spectators at inner gate and 20 supervisors for managing ticket validation and supervision during match day. For smooth validation of the ticket, 40 handheld PDA scanners would be installed for verifying the Bar-Code introduced for the first time by OCA on the tickets at all entry points. In addition to this, 40 UV Light will also be installed to verify other security features of the tickets.
OCA Banker, Punjab National Bank, Bidanasi Branch, Cuttack, will sell the tickets for the ODI. The DCP, Cuttack will receive the tickets, complimentary, duty passes, vehicle passes etc for putting his unique seal and counter Signature on the same. On account of Dusshera OCA has decided to complete the ticketing early and hand over the same to DCP, Cuttack on September 15 hand over the all tickets/passes to OCA by the end of September 2013. The bank authorities will sell the tickets to our office-bearers, council members, affiliated units, associate members and quota tickets of the BCCI affiliated units etc on October 20 and 21 from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm daily at OCA Conference Hall, Barabati Stadium.
Tickets will be sold to public through separate counters by the bank authorities from October 23 from 9.00 am till the stock of ticket is exhausted. One person will be allowed to purchase only two tickets (whatever may be the denomination). Close-circuit cameras will also operate at each ticket counter which will be regulated by the DCP, Cuttack. OCA has decided to sell some portions of tickets online so as to enable the cricket lovers other than Cuttack, who can book their ticket comfortably. The programme of online sale of tickets has been entrusted to Ticketgenie Solutions Pvt Ltd.
OCA has insured the ground and other property along with the spectators (public) with the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. for the ensuing ODI for Rs 20 croers out of which a sum of Rs 5 crores for standard fire and perils policy, Rs 7 crores for public liability insurance (spectators & visitors) and Rs 8 crores for special contingency insurance policy.
There will be tight security round the Stadium and arrangements have been made to fix up CC cameras for easy monitoring of the gate control from the Clock Tower by the DCP, Cuttack. Separate parking zones will also be provided for spectators, media people etc.
Apart from police, OCA has also recruited private securities like G4S Security Services (India) Pvt Ltd, Payik Sentinels Pvt Ltd and others to assist the police to manage gates, traffic and other security points on the match day. The detail of gate-wise stands is indicated below for your information.

Gate No.1 (Through Cricket Academy in front of YMCA): OCA Box, New Pavilion, Old Pavilion
Gate No. 2 (Kalu Canteen, Near Army Recruiting Office): Gallery No. 5
Gate No. 3 (Boat Gate, Near Barabati Palace): Gallery No 7, Special Enclosure (Block-A)
Gate No. 4 (Near Aditya Canteen): Gallery No 6
Gate No. 5 (Near Horse Gate): Special Enclosure (Block-B)
Gate No. 6 (Near Horse Gate): Corporate Box & Corporate Gallery (Block-A)
Gate No. 7 (Horse Gate): TV Crew (on central Accreditation)
Gate No. 8 (Near Horse Gate): Corporate Box & Corporate Gallery (Block-B)
Gate No. 9 (Near Horse Gate): Gallery No 1
Gate No. 10 (Near NCC Office): Gallery No 2
Gate No. 11 (Club House Gate): A/C Box (Gallery No 2), Club House, Imfa Box
Gate No. 12 (In front of IPS Quarters): Gallery No. 3
Gate No. 13 (In front of IPS Quarters): Gallery No. 4
Gate No. 14 (St Xavier’s School Gate): A/C Box (Gallery No.4), Press Box A/C, Press Box Upper, BCCI Box, VIP Box, Media Gallery, OCA Office, Players & Match Officials, Guests.
The ground and pitch preparation is in progress. Different sub-committees will be formed to look after the individual unit work. The Star Sports/Star Cricket will take up the live telecast of the ODI.
PHOTO: OCA secretary Asirbad Behera and Police Commissioner R P Sharma address mediapersons in Bhubaneswar on August 29, 2013.